8 Ball Pool Hack – Get Cash and Coins

8 Ball Pool Hack – Get Cash and Coins


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This is a game that has been around since the 15th century when it was played on grass loans and was very popular with the aristocracy in ancient Europe. Back then technological advances were not as hot as the 21st century so the game was basically played offline or physically in a layman???s language. Today thanks to exponential growth of technology the game is majorly played online. The game was developed by Miniclip, one of the leading digital games firm boasting of a staggering 70 million active monthly users which you can use the 8 ball pool hack tool to get more cash and coins which you can use to boost your account. It???s available in a variety of devices but primarily optimized for the iphone 5 on IOS operating system. This operating system has produced a slick design of 8 ball pool that is well structured and easily maneuverable and can be played by anyone who has never played the game ever.

Features of 8 ball pool

  • Can be played by more than one person
  • It???s absolutely free online
  • Last updated version occurred on 5 October 2015
  • Has a memory size of 43.2 MB. This is much larger than the previous version
  • Available in many different languages so it is played globally
  • Has a polished design and user friendly
  • Highly optimized for iphone 5
  • Has an option to play another player at random
  • Miniclip boasts of over 1 billion game plays thus considered one of the biggest digital gaming company in the world
  • Available in mobile devices thus one can plays the game while on transit, on your couch or while enjoying yourself in a restaurant
  • Its highly compatible with different platforms, for example, ipod, iphone and ipad
  • Controlled online using the curser
  • Consists of a power bar. This is used to select short strength and cue ball representation
  • Available in both 2D and 3D versions
  • Speed and fast mastery of the game separates one from the pack
  • 3 optional playing stages are available. An individual can start as Miniclip member, move to a facebook user and ultimately a guest member. Membership requires registration, for instance, username and password. But once a member, you are at liberty to play with other member across the globe. The tournament feature though still not available, the developers of 8 ball pool are working extremely hard to ensure that feature is up and running

One key aspect of this game is its popularity. It is widely played across the globe. It is one of the favorite sports for offline players who like to spend some time at the bars enjoying their favorite drinks. It is also a great source of side revenues as pool competitions are organized and the winner pockets handsome rewards. Two competing individuals can also put money together and the winning player gets to pocket the total sum. Bottom-line, despite the few challenges experienced while playing the game, its more addictive than any sport you can imagine and you can spend your entire time on this game.

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