Hay Day Hack – Get Coins and Diamonds

Hay Day Hack – Get Coins and Diamonds


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This is one of the most famous farming games ever developed. In all the 122 countries played, it is ranked position 1. The game introduces the player to familiar surroundings, the farm. The player is expected to learn the topography of the land, how to tend the crops and finally trade the same crops with friends and family. The hay day gameplay is developed, published and distributed by Supercell. The official release date is June 21, 2012. You can easily get more coins and diamonds by using our hay day hack tool.


  • Designed for both ipad and iphone platforms
  • Free ??? it is free to play the game online provided you have an uninterrupted internet connection
  • The latest update was done on October 30 2015
  • Has a sheer size of 83.8 which makes it faster than the previous version
  • Available in different languages thus can be played by people from all walks of life and from any corner of the globe
  • Compatible with ipod, ipad and iphone
  • Smooth controls with the aid of the iphone and ipad touch screen
  • Well implemented premium model
  • The graphics are absolutely awesome, cute and abundant of character
  • Constantly updated and expanded by the developer Supercell

Other gaming features are listed below;

  • Nurturing and modifying your firm
  • Buying and selling fresh food items with friends and relatives. You roadside shop is the conduit of exchange with your traders
  • Timely order delivers with the aid of your steamboat and truck
  • Constantly repairing your dock and laying your nets to catch fish in the existing waters
  • Working hard and building a town for yourself and welcoming visitors in it
  • No dying of animals. They will only stop producing if you don???t feed them
  • Start with a small land and pen and gradually grow to a bigger enterprise

Some hay day game tips are outlined under;

Skills verses money making

When starting off on the game, skill and experience reigns supreme. You are required to hit level 7 fast to gain entry into the road side shop. One important secrets of gaining experience and winning more gold is speedy and timely deliveries of orders.

Road side shop

Considered the ultimate gateway to profitability, the more you offer your items at premium the more gold you get hence more profitability

Adjustment of crops and productivity

A player is required to keep a minimum of 1 harvest to be on the right course to achieve your specific objectives


Hay day falls under management based online gaming. The motive is to manage the farm in a prudent and intelligent way in order to get the most out of the farm in terms of crops and animals consequently expanding your empire. The aspect of farming may not appeal to majority of people but the developers of the game have put more effort to make it as interesting as possible. This game ultimately boils down to management skills and if your management skills are impeccable, then you are sure of greater results and prosperity.

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