Pixel Gun 3D Hack – Get Coins and Gems

Pixel Gun 3D Hack – Get Coins and Gems

pixel gun 3d hack

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This online game seeks to enhance player experience by offering three modes of play which are cooperative mode, survival mode and multiplayer mode. Developed and distributed by RiliSoft, a company which offers digital gaming. They have the latest version of the game back in October of 2011, so the users are totally sure that the features are on song. You can easily use our pixel gun 3d hack tool to get more coins and gems to your account.

Here is a list of the features of the game:

  • 506 MB of space allocation that allows users to store files and folders
  • Available in different languages
  • It’s a gameplay sold by Alex Krasnov
  • A minimum age of 17 years is required to download this game
  • Good for ipad and iphones

Other specific features in this game include;

  • Availability of over 100 design or types of weapons
  • Boasts of millions of players across the globe
  • More than 35 locations and maps are obtainable
  • Communication is plenty amongst the players across the globe
  • The overall design is impeccable. It has remarkable HD graphics
  • The sound effects are just awesome
  • A rare opportunity to engage with classmates, friends and colleagues
  • Good internet connection to have smooth gameplay

The main features of the multiplayer mode are as follows;

  • It accommodate as much as 10 players in a single game
  • Connection types are available both locally and wild wide
  • The maps come in various shapes and sizes and unique in its way. There are more than 35 maps available for the player
  • Rocket launchers, magical weaponry, energy weapons, and sniper rifles are some of the sophisticated weapons available for the players. There are over 100 types available
  • The developers have enhanced the game playing experience by installing the chat app meaning you can communicate with fellow players across the globe
  • Available in several online modes including; Point Capture, team battle, Flag capture, Deathmatch, deadly game and Coop survival

The main features of survival mode include;

  • Continuous gameplay
  • Interesting awards for leaping to the next stage
  • Surprising amalgamation of varied kinds of monsters
  • Getting the best results obtainable and comparison with friends

The cooperative mode has the features listed below;

  • A diverse outline of foes
  • Immaculate designed comic books that narrates the story behind the game
  • An absolutely new world with an array of different locations
  • Never seen before sophisticated type of weaponry


RiliSoft, the developer of the game has really worked extra hard to get fans love this game and keep coming back for more. The game utility of the iphone and ipad platforms make the visibility appealing to gamers. One element that has separated this gameplay from the pack is the availability of chat which has enabled players to play games and chat at the same time even with those players at the outers ends of the earth. This has driven over 50 million people to install this particular app.

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