Subway Surfers Hack – Get Coins and Keys

Subway Surfers Hack – Get Coins and Keys


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Subway surfers is quite an exhilarating gameplay co-developed by Kiloo and Sybo games but published and distributed by Kiloo games. The game was released on 24 May 2012 and is available in single player mode only. Kiloo is a private owned firm with its roots in Denmark. The game players assume the role of rowdy teenage thugs. When the same teenagers are caught trying to paint graffiti and pulling a metro railway spot, they hurriedly try to escape the wrath of the inspector and his attack dog by running down the tracks. In the process of running, the teenage thugs or hooligans for that matter, grab precious metals in form of gold coins in the air at the same time evading serious collisions with railways cars and other dangerous objects on the way. You could easily use the subway surfers hack tool to generate more coins and keys which can boost gameplay.

The release of this gameplay comes with updates based on seasonal holidays. Since the update on 2 January 2013, the updates have based upon World Tours. This tour presents the game every other month in a completely new city.


  • Available in different platforms, for instance, Android, IOS, Kindle and Windows 8
  • Available in single player mode
  • Absolutely free online as long as you have internet connection
  • Installed with the latest i7 processor so players are guaranteed of speed and they can also be used for surfing the internet and programming
  • Has excellent tech support and you can get assistance just by the touch of a button
  • Video tutorials – The developers of the game have also made it easier for beginners to learn by availing tutorials on how to play the game

Others features available on this gameplay include;

  • Professionally done cartoon graphics to enhance the appeal of the game
  • Simple key control for convenience of use
  • Interesting to play due to availability of hover board and ndash. This device resembles a skate but it lacks wheels and made to fly just a short distance from the surface of the ground. This enables players to maneuver along carriageways and rails.
  • The game is easily and readily available in any part of the world
  • Availability of jet packs which allow you to fly at supersonic speeds
  • Availability of super shoes that extremely accelerates your running speed.

The main objective of this gameplay is to collect as many gold coins as possible and other available reward whilst speeding through an endless world. The player must endeavor to avoid obstacles and trains by performing perfectly calculated jumps up, down and sideways. Bonuses are available for specials missions which are completed accurately. The main characters in this game are Jack and the Inspector plus his attack dog.

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